Kara is far more than just a fashion label; it represents a lifestyle, a mentality and a way of being.

It's for those go-getters who let nothing stand in their way; for the women who live by their own rules; for the everyday adventurers who discover themselves more and more each day.


Our brand is defined by you, the women who wear it; those who seize the moment, who believe their life is precious and resolve never to let a day simply 'pass by'. Kara is worn by women who want to be themselves and whom express their inner statement through a combination of fearless fashion and strong worldly actions.

Our very collection is a juxtaposition sent to challenge the norms of reality;

Our very collection is a juxtaposition sent to challenge the norms of reality; created from classic Western cuts into bold Eastern fabric and hand-embroidered to accentuate its sense of individuality. Kara presents a clothing line that appeals to a personality type over a profession; a mentality over a lifestyle. Others may tell you to be this way and that, but the best way for Kara to fit into your life is for you just to be yourself.

So unleash your inner Kara alongside us, and take the first step in creating the life of your dreams.

Love from Kara x

Made in Dubai

Concept to Completion

The Dubai-born Kara concept is the brainchild of Kanchan, a woman who spent 20 years in real estate before deciding to pursue her other pressing long-term goals. Kanchan is a living example that no matter what your dream is, your efforts can mould it into a living reality.

She takes a hands-on approach to her line and is involved all the way through, from design to manufacture. She sketches out her designs and buys the fabric, beads and other materials. Her team then create samples from these gathered resources and when the design is approved it is then added to the Kara boutique.

Kanchan says, "We all dress differently, and that's okay. I don't want to tell you how to wear my collection; I just want you to follow yourself when it comes to fashion and in life in general." So step forward into your future; unleash your inner Kara with your truly unique, hand-embroidered silk garments.


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