24 May 2016

India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive

Kanchan Kulkarni presented her debut collection under the brand name 'Kara' at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive. It is a collection for non-traditional girls who desire something modern yet timeless. Weddings are not just about the wedding dress. The destination bride is contemporary, so the collection has a lot of experimenting with styles and shapes. All of Kara's patterns are handcrafted with carefully selected fabric that is individually handcut.

Kanchan Kulkarni holds a BA in Psychology and MBA in Marketing before she ventured into fashion design with her label Kara. The Kara fashion line offers mainly classic but sometimes quirky dresses. The focus is on luxurious materials and a classic youthful look which is more playful than peppy but continuously carries a demure elegance without loosing the hint of sexiness. 

Article: What's Up Flexcia (http://www.flexcia.com/2016/05/kara-by-kanchan-kulkarni-at-india-beach.html)


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